Major Projects

Research Science Institute

I am attending RSI 2022 this year & doing research at Prof. Jeremy Wolfe's Visual Attemtion Lab at Harvard Medical! (ongoing)


I founded AngelHacks 1.0 in 2018 and this grew to be an event hosted at Snapchat HQ with 150+ mentors and amazing prizes and workshops! AngelHacks 2.0 (in 2020) had 1000+ attendees and we were able to run many workshops and have awesome people talk. I have raised up to $10k+ in donations and much more in in-kind sponsorships.

UCLA LONN Lab Intern

I analyze brain imaging data and assist programmers on the development of virtual and augmented reality experiments to be used in participates with implanted neural electrodes, as well as am spearheading my own project!


Work on creating an efficient algorithm for bi-core decomposition of graphs. We achieved a higher speedup and an improvement of theoretical work and span based on previous work. This won the S.T.-Yau Global Science Award and Best CS Project and was presented at JMM 2022. You can find the github here, our poster, or click for the paper.

Intern @ Hack Club

Over summer of 2021, I interned at Hack Club HQ at Vermont working mainly on the Zephyr (linked) to improve hacker and technical experience as well as some fundraising efforts. The Hacker Zephyr was life changing <3.

DeepAI Intern

After working on a project with DeepAI in 2019, I started to intern for them. I worked in content development, doing research on data science, writing articles, and marketing/outreach.

Hack Club Community Team

I am employed as a community team member at Hack Club to encourage engagement and retention for new members whilst also keeping the environment both wholesome and technical for club members and leaders worldwide.

Anomaly Science Board / Executive

I'm on the board and am CMO of Anomaly Science, which focuses on honing the art of the artisans through legal aid, engagement, the particle system, and the community. Currently raising our Series A round.

Memory Sports

I'm a memory athlete (which sounds peculiar, but click this card to get started) and I was the longest reigning Words champion in the world on Memory League, 3rd place nationally at USAMC held at MIT (in which I was the youngest competitor out of various adults and older students), and the Youth Champion at the Taiwain International Championship. In addition, I was the 2021 World Speed Reading Champion at MSO. In fact, doing memory sports was what got me interested in neuroscience and especially memory!

Supersingular Ratio of Elliptic Curves

This paper starts with an overview of elliptic curves and then summarizes the Lang-Trotter conjecture. It aims to show that the ratio of Supersingular primes that are 2 (mod 3) to those that are 1 (mod 3) approaches 2.


MIRAI is a neural network that detects and outlines brain tumors in MRI brain scans. This model utilizes metalearning and a MASK R-CNN to be able to detect brain tumors with an accuracy that rivals that of a professional. MIRAI takes in a MRI head scan and spits out a labeled one, as well as a precise outline of the tumor. Disclaimer: this model is for practice purposes only.

Mind Over Matter

Neuroscientists are driven to understand a three-pound mass of neurons and glia pondering the morality and risks of studying themselves. Neuroethics is a broad field, yet evaluating the risks and benefits of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) is a timely and critical topic due to the rapid development of technologies, including implants and wearables electronics.

Nujjet (prev. TARDIS)

NUJJET is our response to the widespread pandemic of high school stress of today. By creating a low cost neuro headset to monitor and modulate your brain, we can help you study more effectively, and make long term changes. (Participated in Conrad, Gatsvi, and Hack Club)

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